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Kilmallie Community Centre is situated in the heart of Corpach.  It is a company limited by guarantee (404410) as well as a registered charity (SC042509).  

It is owned and maintained by the Kilmallie Community Centre Committee volunteers (who are quite separate from the Kilmallie Community Company and the Community Council).

A little about us

Kilmallie Community Centre started off as Kilmallie Hall.  The land was donated to the community by Lochiel back in 1967.  The original hall got into major disrepair and so it has recently undergone improvements and repairs (2012 from LEADER funding) and in 2015 we received funding from the Highland Council towards the refurbishment of the toilets.

We are enjoying using the improved facilities.


The company’s objects are:

 (a) For the purposes of physical and mental training and recreation, and social, moral and intellectual development through the medium of reading and recreation rooms, library, lectures, classes, recreation or otherwise

 (b) To provide recreational facilities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the people of, and visitors to Lochaber.

 (c) To promote equality and diversity by encouraging use of the facilities by all including families, the elderly and young people.



Now that the centre has been improved, we have increased its customer base and is well utilised by a variety of groups within the local community.  

We receive funding from the Highland Council for the Comfort Scheme to provide Public Toilets to all passing by.  They are used by a huge variety of people such as tourists, workers, locals walking along the canal, etc.


We are able to cover the running costs of the Centre with the income from our customers using the facilities.  

We have approximately 61 members.  To support the Kilmallie Community Centre and sign up for our quarterly e-news, please complete the attached Membership Form and send it to the Centre.



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